Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial Refrigerators

As you know a refrigerator is an electro-mechanical device to control a temperature of the system at desired level. Refrigerators are required to keep the food items and drinks to be preserved for a longer period of time both in home and commercial establishments. The refrigerators used in household applications are different from commercial refrigerators. Domestic refrigerators are used for keeping the household food items safer. But commercial refrigerators can be used not only for food items, but also ice creams, raw materials, beverages, ready mixes, ingredients, half finished food items.

Commercial refrigerators are usually bigger in size and capacity. Even the shape will be different. Usually it will be horizontal steel shaped structure with freezer mounted inside it. The outer cover will be of finely finished stainless steel case. These are specifically designed and fabricated for bulk use.

Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturers

SM Fabrication is one of the well known commercial refrigerator manufacturers and suppliers in Bangalore, Karnataka. We are expert in designing the customized freezer unit according to the desired shape, capacity and features. We use superior quality materials, motors and other spare parts so as to not to compromise on quality of the refrigerator. Our commercial refrigerators are known for serving long time with consistent performance over time.

Our products are rigorously tested for various functions and characteristics to ensure they are delivered defect free. Our refrigerators are safe to use, sturdy in construction and offers wide range of features. They are built in such a way that relocation is easy. Our company is committed to give industry best price and quick delivery.

Shree Mahadeshwara Fabrication is manufacturers and suppliers of all types of commercial refrigerators, freezers and water coolers. Having fabricated and sold more than thousand such units across the country, we have garnered customer's trust and faith all these years. Shree Mahadeshwara Fabrication is a leading manufacturers and suppliers of the refrigerator in Bangalore. We always use good quality materials and are undertaking materials from renowned vendors in the market. Our products include the commercial refrigerator, two door refrigerator, four door refrigerator, bar display refrigerator, double door refrigerator, pantry refrigerator and many more.