Exhaust Unit

Commercial Exhaust Hoods

An exhaust hood is thermo-mechanical device that is fixed over the top of ovens in a kitchen to facilitate the easy movement of unwanted gas, fumes, smoke, steams, humidity, heat and odor to outside of kitchen room. So exhaust hoods keeps your kitchen very clean and comfortable. In a commercial kitchen, generation of heat, odor, fumes and smokes are very common. These things have to be driven out very quickly; otherwise this will result in suffocation and uncomfortable situation for the persons inside. The main requirement of exhaust hoods are to expel out the heat, foul smelling gas and the smoke. The foul smelling gas can cause respiratory problems if inhaled.

Commercial exhaust hoods are available in different sizes and capacities. Based on the volume of your cooking and kitchen premises, you need to choose the right size. For small kitchens you can buy a specific size exhaust hood. But for considerably big kitchens like hotels, hostels and restaurants you need to get manufactured form commercial exhaust hood manufacturers available in your city.

Shree Mahadeshwara Fabrication is a well experienced manufacturer and suppliers of kitchen exhaust hoods for your commercial kitchen setups. We study your requirements first and accordingly get the very accurate exhaust ranges in terms of size and capacity.